Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Try it Tuesday!: monthly make it mission #1 and the next adventure

so we tried with randi's suggestion, to challenge each other to actually complete a craft tutorial within a month!  i loved this idea and here's what happened with it!  

it was the book necklace from Mandipidy it was pretty sweet to burn varnished book clippings!!  and do little things to make it your own...

the tutorial necklace:

kristin's necklace:

randi's necklace:

my attempts (and a rose pendant from the korean craft market):

fun fun!  quite honestly, i've never worked with jewelry making before this month so this was a good, somewhat easy introduction to it...plus i love fire;)  i know some others started these so if you finished, give me a holla!

so for next month...

ok here's the problem, i can't decide!!  however, these are all "easy" (and potentially will get laughed at if you want to get all presumptuous!) but let's be real...i really just want to try them...particularly with a group of people:)  we all know rain days are inevitable the next couple months when alas plans have to be remade, so if you are up for it, try out this variety of "easy" crafts to try and finish one or more by july 1! 

(there's not a whole lot of instructions on the site, just a paragraph of "this is what i did"...my goal is to upcycle a shirt of justin's that he hasn't worn...gingham would be sweet...actually there is a shirt i just stained of his forever).

(we can do this at my house if we want to get messy!!  i envision this making my boring bathroom kind of magical...or above the dining table).

(this one i'm just excited for after buying some items like pearls and felt and chain for recent projects so i wanted to include it.  i also think i'll just use an old chain from a necklace i don't wear anymore so there's little to no new cost)...

so let me know if you're going to go for it!  no worries if not, but saying so makes it more inevitable;)  


3 comments (+add yours?)

Kari said...

The yarn balls are on my list to make for a baby room someday. :)

Lace said...

I see you don't have a picture of mine-could it be because it's not done?:)

AshleyM said...

When you finish lace give me a holla!! I want to see it!