Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Try it Tuesday!: Grilled Peaches

So let's just go ahead and admit it.  Grilling is a crazy good way to enjoy summer!!

One thing since last summer I keep on hand is PEACHES.  NOM.  This is my favorite dessert for after-grilling...or just later in the evening when we want an awesome, fruit-licious snack!

I started this time with white peaches...however, you should really use yellow peaches as I'm thinking they're much juicier!  Justin liked these though because they kept "good form" when grilling.  

So take however many peaches you want, honey, cream cheese, and if you'd like...nuts.  Heat your grill to medium high heat.

 Cut your peaches in half and pit them...

 In a bowl, mix up softened cream cheese with a good dose of honey to taste and also nuts if desired (I chopped up halved pecans I had on hand).  **You can just buy cream cheese already with honey in it, too, if preferred**

 Place peaches cut side down on the grill.  Grill about 10 minutes.

 Turn peaches over...

 Immediately drizzle peaches with honey and place a heaping spoonful of cream cheese mixture into the pit emptiness.  Grill another 2-3 minutes for cream cheese to soften more and maybe even get a tiny tiny tish of brown on the top (not too much, though!).

Serve immediately!  You could even have a little spoonful of ice cream next to it:)

And that, my friends, is one of my favorites for summer!

(PS...I am finally attempting some photoshop fun!!  I know the photos themselves aren't super impressive, but what made me still use them and love esp the outdoor ones was a one-step edit using Sara Kiesling's photoshop actions package...check it out...they are awesome and a killer price for a whole buncha fun!)


3 comments (+add yours?)

Kelsey said...

I was there! and they are SO yummy!!! Thanks for making them Ashley! :) Love you!

Kari said...

Ashley, if you want some free(!) actions, check out CoffeeShop! I love them.

I have tons more I've found online. Let me know if you ever want help finding more!

crazyhorse said...

I need these in my belly NOW! I've never seen them stuffed with cream cheese before! nom nom. I can't wait to get a house so we can get a grill so we can try these!! :)