Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Try it Tuesday!: Bib Necklace

So as a part of our crafting adventures, here's a try at a tutorial I linked to for you to try this month of June!  I'll include the other 2 craft ideas at the end here...remember to try to make one by July 1 if you're interested and be sure to send me a photo to share!!  (seekbeauty@gmail.com).  

The bib necklace...tutorial used from Little Miss Mama's site here.

I've loved the look of these bib necklaces for quite some time.  My sister-in-law is going to be wearing a gorgeous one her mom made for her wedding in October!  But since it hasn't happened yet...I can't totally share it;)  

I wasn't a super huge fan of just buttons and a pendant or two so this is the process I did, very similarly to Little Miss Momma's:

My dear friend Laura had left a massive box of buttons behind when she moved:( so I used man of those along with picking up a pearl necklace at Salvation Army + a garage sale!  All the other items I had as leftover crafts.  

I started with a bunch of felt, buttons/jewelry pieces, lace ribbon, a hot glue gun, scissors, tweezers, and a pen.

I used my mark necklace to draw an outline on the felt with a pen (pencil wasn't working...) of about how big I was thinking...

I first laid out the pearl necklace (without cutting the necklace or felt) in a random shape and then filled it in with various pieces, trying different options out...

I liked laying out all the buttons, etc I had onto the felt so they didn't roll away and I could easily see the options...

Once I liked the layout, I heated up the glue gun!

I left all the pieces on there as I glued them down in place...then I cut up my other pearl necklace and filled in the gaps with singular pearls.  Tweezers helped a lot to hold up a small pearl, put a tish of glue onto the bottom, and sneak it into the gaps.

After it dried for a minute, I used my scissors to cut around the necklace...

I then took the necklace to cut out another piece of felt the same size.  Once it was cut, I trimmed down this new piece so it was definitely smaller than the other and could be its backing without peeking over the front.

I found some lace I liked and hot glued it down to the bib as 2 different strands.

Then using the backing piece I cut, I hot glued that over the lace pieces.

Voi-la!  It's very pretty to me...and since I went to India I love the tiger eye's kind of pendants.  

Alright, so now that I try it on...I think a little smaller would have been okay! 

For anyone who's got some down time in this crazy rain and weather, try out this to fit your style or try another one of these Try it Tutorials!!  Click on the photo to link up to the tutorial.

get creating!


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crazyhorse said...

This is amazing!! I love how it turned out. Good eye!