Wednesday, June 29, 2011

inspire me on hump day: be awesome.

you.  are.  awesome.

and you really need to live it.

we kind of let our days sometimes and even ourselves get mundane.  through series of events that we allow or don't really have a say in...whether it's words from someone...or failed attempts at something you were sure of...we forget to be awesome.

i'm pretty sure we've all seen this quote above before...but seriously...eleanor knew her stuff.

you don't need to have the ultimate confidence (i mean, there can be a slew of days that suck and take it away, but you can find it again!!), but you do need to believe that you are more than just another...friend...girlfriend...barista...dreamer...blogger...student... 

because you are awesome.

be who you are and be it well.  you don't need to be that perfect envy of yours you constantly compare to.  be awesome.  maybe be a little sassy.  but definitely be awesome.  

believe in yourself.

so live it up.  don't wait to fix yourself to muster the confidence you need to allow yourself to know you are awesome.  do it now.  

be awesome.