Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashion Friday: Nail Art

I've been noticing a whole lot of blingin' nails on some of the blogs I follow, on pinterest, and slowly starting to notice here in the Midwest.

In Nylon this month Liza Darwin writes, "As everyone from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga to M.I.A. prove, the latest obsession in the music world is the statement manicure."

The article mentions that "back in the 90's when I was working in music, all the girls had their nails done long, with crazy patterns."


These ones just completely blow my mind.  And probably aren't so much going to happen on this hand.  But a trend I could handle is having the one finger, such as your ring finger, blinging with some glittzer or even a leftover craft jewel.  There's nail glue and nail pens to aid in self-manicures!  

Here's a youtube video just giving you a glimpse of the process of adding acrylic artwork to crazy manicures:

"Girls who feel like they can't change their hair or makeup can change up their nails really easily," the story concludes.  I thought that was pretty sweet...again, something simple and {if you try} cheap to add great variation to an outfit and look.  Plus, keeps me from chewing them;)

Lastly, and most excitingly, a totally do-able youtube tutorial on adding newspaper print to your nail polish routine!  Totally going to do it...just make sure you totally let your nails dry before doing the newspaper part (just tried it!)...

Going to try it?  

Do something awesome this weekend!  See you Monday:)


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Mel said...

I am loving yellow polish with silver polish on the ring finger of each hand! Super fun and summer-y