Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Try it Tuesday! Craft Fail...

At the lake this weekend I brought along the sweet Disney yarn ball craft I posted as a "try it out this month" idea...thinking messy and childlike go hand in hand for lake fun!

However...this was also a lesson in how to craft fail!  

We sat in the beautiful sun and followed the simple directions of mixing one part water with {almost} one part craft glue.  Blew up our balloons.  Cut approximately 20 3 foot strings of yarn.  Tied an end to our toe to keep from blowing away.  Dipped the yarns into the glue/H20 bowl.  Carefully laid over balloon.

Hung them up in the garage to dry overnight...

And carefully the next morning popped the balloons with scissors or earring backs.

Some stayed formed, but the majority widdled away as the balloon lost air and imploded on themselves.  As Jenni with the scissors pictured above shows, she was careful to separate some of the balloon from the yarn before popping which worked awesome for 2, but even still one didn't totally work.  They felt super delicate and only a few held their shape!

So some lessons to learn for the day you try this:
*Be sure to mix truly 1 part glue to 1 part water!!  We did close, but not exactly 1 to 1.  That probably caused them to dry too softly.
*Really soak the strings, don't necessarily squeegie them to not drip before laying on balloon.
*The thicker yarn we used (as the first 2 photos of the red and multicolored show) totally didn't work...look at using somewhat thinner yarn.
*Consider after finishing all your yarn strings maybe dipping each side into the glue mixture to seal well.

Should you have tried any of the following 3 crafts (or just want to share an idea for next month's try it out!) be sure to email me at seekbeauty@gmail.com to share your creations by July 1!

Here they are again!  Click on photo to link to tutorial...

the shirt skirt
(i am really going to try to make this this week!!  i found a readymade old article with a few more specifics on making a similar skirt!)

yarn balls

button bib necklace