Wednesday, June 22, 2011

inspire me on hump day: a new dawn (not breaking dawn)...

{these completely amazing prints are from Studio Mela.  click on the print to check out the etsy!)

We get so frustrated at ourselves not making the cut or living up to our own expectations!  Just keep in mind, that today is a new day.  Full of opportunity and restarts.  You can go on that run and not sleep in (ie. myself!!), you can finish your project, maybe find out you got the new job, start the day up with a renewed excitement for something that's been mundane, take on what you've been putting off, say things that are meaningful and breathe life into people, fall in love again. 

Don't give up on yourself.  There is a beautiful new day ahead...

Sometimes we just need the fresh start after sleep to try again.  To have a renewed perspective.  To live fully.

Do something unexpected.  It's refreshing.  It reminds us there is more possibilities out there than we allow our narrow vision to see.