Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion Friday: Bright Tights

I know it's been a trend for a while...but I'm starting to finally think I could pull off this bright colored tights thing!  However, in an unfortunate event I gave Justin my only pair of blue tights to brew some beer at home - which ruined the beer and my tights!!

My biggest love - such a cheap addition to an outfit that can completely change the look and feel of it!  So much variety...

You can match your outfit with bright tights, mismatch, wear them with vintage wear or modern...and your outfit gets doubled in possibilities!

So my goal this weekend is to find a cheap pair of awesome bright tights and actually WEAR them with an outfit!  I always felt like a smurf when I tried to pair my blue tights with something that I never tried it out...but I think it's time!

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has some really awesome outfits with bright tights...sometimes using a simple, 2-colored outfit with a smashing pair of unmatching bright tights to totally matching the wearing a pair of tights colored in the same tone.

 But...I'm still also needing a pair of black tights to do this:

Some place for your awesome tights listed by cafemom
  • Features every pattern and color imaginable, from plaid checks to Pucci swirls.
  • Lets you shop by color, type and pattern so you can find exactly what you're looking for.
  • It's hard to beat F21's wide selection (floral, stripes, solids) and low prices (all tights are under $10).
  • Target: You can always count on Tar-zhay for inexpensive accessories (like tights) that will help you update your wardrobe for less.
Wholly fast week, batman!!  Hope yours was beautiful and that the weekend to come is cheerful and fun!
See you Monday:)

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crazyhorse said...

Blue tights to brew beer...only in the Morken household :) That's awesome!

m-iche(lle) said...

target does have awesome ones. footless or footed. i prefer footless personally.