Monday, June 06, 2011

there must be something in the wind: weekend fun, music, and things you should do in fargo...

kind of a messy monday...
so we didn't start the weekend planning what actually happened, but it was really awesome.
garage sales, amazing friends, gardening, baseball games, BBQ's, and more!  check out my finds from a garage sale, thrift store, and estate sale way the heck out in oriska, ND!

i love globes...they remind me how necessary travel is in my life...and how little we really are...aaaand how beautiful the world is.  someday i want to make a huge globe chandelier and thus we started to collect even the really not-so-good-shape ones.

and i discovered that when you look on in their classifieds you should look for anything "craft" and "art supply" - i came home with the most successful 1-stop garage sale with fabric scraps, needles, elastic, and more...and i particularly love the little elephant pattern....justin helped me find what he called "the h&m pattern" black one;)

mewithoutYou, my favorite band ever (to the degree that their lyrics are engraved on our wedding rings), just announced a headlining tour!!  unfortunately, it's all along the east coast... however, we do have some standby tickets burning a hole in our pockets...

blindside, an old favorite band of mine that i hosted in grand forks, just came out with a new record.  i don't love it, but it's still like that relaxing, sitting with an old friend, kind of feel to listen!

things you should do this week in fargo-esque area:
*art fest in grand forks saturday and sunday this weekend!  visit made by michelle brusegaard and craft mission fo' sho'!!
*cork and canvas art and wine walk downtown fargo  - $10 for wine samples and strolling around - june 9 from 5-9pm...
*rib fest - from june 8-12 - free gate admission saturday from 11am-2pm:)
 (photo by j. earl miller - see below!)
*j. earl miller's opening for his photo exhibit "Dakota Moniker 2.0" thursday, june 9 at 7pm at DK Custom Framing at Gallery 14, 14 Roberts St. - **i am so sad i'm missing this - we're going to the iron range so please please go!**
*TONIGHT - a big huge game of Ditch in Moorhead! you have a bunch of cereal boxes?  let me know so we can get them to Dana at Botny here in Fargo who needs them for shipping her glorious earrings and jewelry!!

(love her earrings)

kind of a manic monday...and with this heat...time to relax!!

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HLK said...

Standby tickets? How about to the August 20th show?!?!

New Brookland Tavern Columbia, South Caro, US - 7:00 PM

Yes, yes, yes! We would host you to the extreme... all you would have to do is get here!

And oh if only I could get some cereal boxes to her because we go through a box a day.

crazyhorse said...

You should come to the Orlando show and stay with us!!!! It's only an hour and 15 minutes away!!!

AshleyM said...

YES YES YES YES YES YES!! we will try very hard to make it to one!! :) :) :) :)