Monday, June 27, 2011

how to do a floatilla rodeo.

We just had the most epic lake weekend yet over in Washburn, ND!

And this is worth trying sometime with your favorite people:  
the floatilla rodeo!

I was pretty sad with the camera this weekend, so thanks to our sweet friend Jenni we have some!

The basics:
Gather every floaty device you have at your cabin - air mattresses you're sleeping on, tubing tubes, $5 walmart (gasp!) surfboards for 14-year-olds, and scooby doo.  Attach together with a tubing rope in random and complicated ways.

Tie to the boat and slowly pull along all the tubes to the middle of the lake.  (Option:  Put sangria and Fat Tire in water bottles so they float when you drop them during the rodeo.  At this point, consider wearing a life jacket.  Don't be dumb.)

Now...have a trusted, yet slightly crazy person drive the boat around your floatilla at full speed to create amazing waves and wake.  Stand, jump, and dance in your tube to create more excitement.  (photo lacking, should we get our hands on more this will totally be reposted!).  

Always yell, "HIT IT!!" when ready for more rodeo waves.  

Tired?  Stop the rodeo and relax in your nice nest of floaties and slowly, as you get majorly sunburned, allow your floatilla get close to shore.  

Other option:  climb into the boat and play a killer dance party mix.  Dance.