Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Try it Tuesday!: Super easy and completely amazing caramel rolls...

I learned the way of the caramel roll back my freshman year in college when I went to a little town with my good friend Loralee for the holidays...and also experienced lutefisk for the first time!  This recipe, although lost someplace hopefully in my recipe box, is from Loralee's mom although may have been modified by my own forgetfulness!

What you need:
Oven pan
2 loaves frozen bread dough
Brown sugar
Cream or milk

Buy one of these 4 packs of frozen bread loaves...think ahead by one night and leave out 2 loaves to thaw.

The only slightly difficult part...knead the bread into a 1/2 inch or so rectangle, using flour to prevent stickiness...

Spread on a good dose of softened/slightly melted butter...attempt to leave one inch unbuttered at one end...

Then spread on and pat down a tish brown sugar and some shakes of cinammon...

Roll from the buttered side to unbuttered side as such into a log...

Slide a thread underneath to do this awesome little trick to cut the roll into about 1/2-1 inch slices...

Cross the thread over the loaf on each side to cross each other, pull the ends tight to "cut" the roll...

Continue down the loaf...

Put slices in an oven dish that has been covered first with brown sugar on the bottom (can also add peanuts or walnuts to the bottom)...

Cover and let rise until double in size about 45-60min...I do this on the oven as I preheat it to 350 degrees to help it rise a bit faster...

While the first loaf rises, repeat all instructions to second loaf, but put in a tupperware container to freeze for a later date!  Nom!!

Once the rolls have risen, REMEMBER THIS (i always forget) - **pour 1/4-1/2 cup of cream or milk over the rolls** - THEN put in the oven for 20-25 minutes until tops are golden brown quite thoroughly and it doesn't jiggle (it's easy to undercook these and leave too doughy - just try to leave in 25 minutes at least depending on your oven!)...

(sorry the photos aren't awesome...I thought I lost our SLR...but actually didn't!).

Monday, May 30, 2011

dreaming of warmer summer days...and things that should happen

we started making a small list in korea of things we want to be sure to do this summer!  

fly kites (we just purchased 2 kites at the kite shop on broadway!)

become redhawks fans and go to games especially involving fireworks and free things...(i have never been to a game yet!)

find a favorite place to go swimming...i'm getting addicted...and we don't live by any

BBQ!  have lazy evenings with friends and BBQ combined...fires at night...s'mores

take time to read

garden like crazy

picnics...involving wine, nichole's bakery goodies, and a camera...and plain old wine nights

bicycle...maybe do a bike tour

keep running

go to farmers' markets

and, of course...
play music
make things.

how about you?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion Friday: Korea = black tights, shorts, chiffon

 I don't know what I expected to find with fashion in Korea, but I was very pleased to see some fun, flowy trends that were very distinct and everywhere...one of the best finds was "fast fashion" that allows for just tons of small boutique shops that are able to keep up to trends with affordable prices. So fun to go window shopping and check it all out!

Some photos from the streets...hopefully you can see the sweet outfits ok!  I'll just say - blazers, short, flowy skirts and blouses, shorts (jeans, hot pants, and more) with black tights.

A blazer was paired with almost every type of outfit - especially the girls.

This is just a random Sunday in the college area and almost every girl was wearing a super cute short dress, sometimes with leggings and black tights, almost always with a blazer.

For as many black tights with shorts or skirts that there were, I only found 2 photos I took of them:

So I went online to find a few other photos to show ya some of the highlights!:

(the above is one of my favorites - the flowy, patterned, whimsical dress with a great blazer).

Lastly, just last weekend we caught a glimpse of some mark fashion coming out later spring!  And look how similar it is to the above!!

(mark photos courtesy of April Sidener and Kelly Rice)
(kind of excited!)

and just yesterday an ad came from express with the shorts/black tights look, too!

Have the most beautiful weekend!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

"i still travel, but i'm glad i didn't wait..."

Finally, on this trip I stuck to writing down everything we did each day!  I realized how often my mom had done this throughout the years of each trip we went on and can so easily relive the trip beyond just photos by doing so.  This is the first trip I have ever stuck to that...even when I was tired and had zero desire to, I knew I'd appreciate myself for doing it later!!  It wasn't even super detailed or like a journal entry - just enough to be able to remember or recommend to someone later...

So the next time you go to South Korea...here's some tips of what you need to do!

*Eat cheap for lunch at convenience stores - they are everywhere and you can buy a HUGE microwavable bowl of spicy/veggie/seafood Ramen ($1-2) and gimbop (just like sushi, but $1 and no fish)...and street food like waffles with honey and whip cream for breakfast ($1)

*Eat potato pizza, octopus balls, kelbi (barbeque - a MUST for like every other dinner...), bolgogi (spicy meat soup)...
 (octopus balls above)
 (kelbi with all the fixings)
(potato pizza)
*Gyeonbok Palace to check out a massive palace in front of South Korea's president's house
*Cheonggyecheon the manmade river with rotating modern art...a beautiful place to walk around at night
*Insandong area to check out the "crafty" area of Seoul - they have this at least 4 story outdoor mall that's just like Etsy in real boutique life
*Dongdaemun market to check out the craft accessory and textile-blow-your-mind-amazingness...just maybe try to know what kind of crafts you'll be actually making in the near future to help you!
*On a rainy, tired day, spend the whole daytime (and even sleep over for a couple more bucks) at Dragon Hill Spa - a 7 story sauna/bath house that is $10, gives you PJ's to wear, take naked baths with Koreans in a variety of temperatures, and rejoin your person in the public area for all the crazy sauna/charcoal kilns/firesweating rooms and ice/oxygen rooms...and sleep on the floor anywhere you'd like...
 (ice room)
 (traditional charcoal kiln rooms)
 (sleep, sit, hang out wherever you'd like!)
*Korean baseball game...crazy fans...bring your entire dinner into the stadium and beers...and then get more outside to bring in...
*Get a fish pedicure (we couldn't find it, though...)
*War Memorial...which is an ongoing memorial for an ongoing war
 *Two words - bubble.tea.
*Visit a cat cafe...omg.
*Visit the only Starbucks in the world that the logo isn't written in English (and yet another 4 story coffeeshop!)
*Stop by Olleh to try out new technology awesomeness

*Take the free bus to Gyeongju on the eastern side of Korea...especially on May 10 for Buddha's birthday
 *Take the local bus to Bulguksa temple...hike 8km to the Seokguram Grotto to see a very large rock sculpted Buddha
*Rent a tandem bike to bike around the lake...and eat blueberry melon ice cream

*Stay with a couchsurfer 
*Take the local bus to Beomeosa temple...hike around it
*Check out the local massive fish market (Jalachi)...eat at a table right next to the lady who sells you the live fish...if you have $40 and some courage eat hue - raw fish (usually octopus or eel) that is still moving as you eat it!
 *Ride the cable car up the mountain from Gyeongmong Park
*Have coffee and a waffle at one of Korea's many many 4 story coffeeshops

*Visit an English teaching elementary class
 *Moomoo's wine cafe for $3 glass wine and bugel-like snack
 *Purple Haze for some western bar action and pool
 *Be sure to bring Phase 10 cards to play

Jeju Island (candidate for the new 7 Wonders of the World)
*Fly from Seoul on a cheap airline like Air Busan
*Bagdad Cafe for the best Indian curry EVER
*Tapdong Hotel for the best hotel with claw-foot bathtubs EVER
*Jungmung Beach and hiking and wading out to sandbars
 *Yeoshim Botanical Garden....Cheongjin Falls...
 *Vetro Coffee (Seogwipo)...the man has his own little coffee bean roaster
 *Seriously...couchsurf...it will blow your mind
 *O'Sulloc Green Tea Museum and plantation...try some freshly roasted, free green tea...lay out in the sun
 *Hike one of many, many amazing trails in Seogwipo along cliffs and lava rocks and turquoise ocean water
 *Hallim Park - botanical garden, lava tube caves, stone and bonsai garden, reptiles, white peacocks that are right across the bus stop from the most gorgeous beach you can have a picnic on and swim in
 *Eat samgapsal - BACON bbq
*Stop by Loveland (there are no nonoffensive photos except this bulldog love one that we could ever post here so you'll just have to go see yourself!!)
*Touch a Jeju Island statue's nose...so you can be sure to have a boy...

Yeah...it was awesome.  My patient today found out we went to Iceland a couple years ago and Korea this year and as he was walking away he said over and over "you have GOT to travel when you're young and able...don't wait until you're old like me...I'm still traveling, but I'm glad I didn't wait..."