Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion Friday: Korea = black tights, shorts, chiffon

 I don't know what I expected to find with fashion in Korea, but I was very pleased to see some fun, flowy trends that were very distinct and of the best finds was "fast fashion" that allows for just tons of small boutique shops that are able to keep up to trends with affordable prices. So fun to go window shopping and check it all out!

Some photos from the streets...hopefully you can see the sweet outfits ok!  I'll just say - blazers, short, flowy skirts and blouses, shorts (jeans, hot pants, and more) with black tights.

A blazer was paired with almost every type of outfit - especially the girls.

This is just a random Sunday in the college area and almost every girl was wearing a super cute short dress, sometimes with leggings and black tights, almost always with a blazer.

For as many black tights with shorts or skirts that there were, I only found 2 photos I took of them:

So I went online to find a few other photos to show ya some of the highlights!:

(the above is one of my favorites - the flowy, patterned, whimsical dress with a great blazer).

Lastly, just last weekend we caught a glimpse of some mark fashion coming out later spring!  And look how similar it is to the above!!

(mark photos courtesy of April Sidener and Kelly Rice)
(kind of excited!)

and just yesterday an ad came from express with the shorts/black tights look, too!

Have the most beautiful weekend!


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Kari said...

Okay, I could totally get on board with these trends. Though I sort of feel too old to pull off the shorts + tights look, but who knows. I think it'd be cute! lol

Linnea said...

Just bought a short flowy Express skirt at the thrift store yesterday! My Korean students all dress like this. They especially wear shorts and tights with a blazer to dress up. Funny that we are following Asia for trends now!

AshleyM said...

i'm totally going to try it! just need tights;)