Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Try it Tuesday!: jewelry + korea

So, who knew that Korea would have this crazy enormous wholesale craft market and crazy amazing crafting trend?!

Kristina brought us to Dongdaemun, a 5-story(?), massive wholesale craft market.  Mostly textiles, but one entire floor dedicated to accessories.

It was so hard not to go too crazy.  It was the first real day of the trip so we didn't know what was in store for us later to check out, buy, or experience!  Later on, after checking on etsy, the prices were actually very comparable to buying small bulk of the same buttons and pendants, so don't feel too overwhelmed by the awesomeness...I decided to wait on almost everything to buy here...but not totally everything!

We found this great little felt shop...

And some potential awesome felt craftings...

This isn't much of a "try it out" today, but just wanted to share a couple Dongdaemun items I found to bring home and have easily made into jewelry (something I haven't really tried out before) - also including some links to etsy sites that offer very similar  items to check out if you're interested!

First - the food pieces!  You can find some on etsy and even molds to make your own for much cheaper! 

I found some ring bases...which you should check out these awesome ones on etsy.

With the easy help of some super glue...

They became some uber cute rings;)

I was also on the hunt for cameos...and didn't find any much to my liking except these little butterflies for a gift and frame settings to make earrings.   There are some molds on etsy to make your own cameos and frame settings - and just some sweet cameos in general.

Also found were these pretty wood roses (the only comparable on etsy were these) which I tried out as earrings with jump rings...some feathers I made into earrings very simply...and a bird cameo I LOVED.

To make it happen by today, I stopped by Michael's for these supplies, but if you are a jewelry maker yourself let me know where you find your supplies like jump rings and those lobster things;)

To be super professional I utilized my sweet Menards crappy pliers and they surprisingly worked fine!  If you haven't worked with jump rings, this is the youtube video I used to get an idea what I was to do... 

 Remember to create this book pages necklace from this blog tutorial by June 1 if you're up for it!  A friend and I are working on them tonight so I'm excited to see what happens:)  Should you need some extra supplies such as jump rings and pearls I've totally got some I can send ya out to make it happen!  Just email me at seekbeauty@gmail.com or comment here...


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HLK said...

LOVE the felt birdie mobile thing. I've secretly always loved felt... I felt (ha!) that there is some really awesome things that are waiting to be made with felt. I remember cutting out ideas of things made with felt years ago... I should find that.

Anywho, it's crazy awesome you Morkens were just in Korea! Hope your jet lag isn't too rough on ya.

Linnea said...


P.S. I am working on my necklace. TODAY. (Yes, that is future tense and not present continuous.)