Monday, May 30, 2011

dreaming of warmer summer days...and things that should happen

we started making a small list in korea of things we want to be sure to do this summer!  

fly kites (we just purchased 2 kites at the kite shop on broadway!)

become redhawks fans and go to games especially involving fireworks and free things...(i have never been to a game yet!)

find a favorite place to go swimming...i'm getting addicted...and we don't live by any

BBQ!  have lazy evenings with friends and BBQ combined...fires at night...s'mores

take time to read

garden like crazy

picnics...involving wine, nichole's bakery goodies, and a camera...and plain old wine nights

bicycle...maybe do a bike tour

keep running

go to farmers' markets

and, of course...
play music
make things.

how about you?

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HLK said...

My Summer Must Do: Try to see my friend Ashley when I'm in ND. Then make her hold my baby so she gets baby fever.