Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Try it Tuesday!: how to remake a tshirt to be totally BA for a marathon.

i've piled up tshirts for a VERY long time that i just can't get rid of b/c they're my favorite band, favorite concert, or just have sweet meaning...even if they don't fit, got too short, or just completely worn out.  i've been meaning for a looong time to try this book i found at a garage sale on "Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a Tshirt" and since we leave for Korea on Thursday and we fly back a day before i run the half marathon here in Fargo i decided it was time to finally put my scissors to use and remake a tshirt to wear!  

so why remake a tshirt for running?  last year my mom and i made tshirts that said on the backs "my mom is my superhero" with arrow pointing to the right and "my daughter is my superhero" with arrow pointing left.  when we ran grandma's marathon i wore a shirt that said "i eat marathons for breakfast...nom nom nom."  i've decided it just makes it more fun to get a little creative!  plus you just get into sweet short convo's with fellow runners to keep you distracted:)

this year...i'm feeling the need to be a little kesha-style badass.  nothing extreme, but i was thinking a cut up tshirt, aviators, and glitter.  mainly b/c i'm a terrible trainer and my thought is i would "feel" stronger...or just have more fun!  (and hello jetlag!  we will meet again in a very strong way that day...).
so i started by making some simple cuts for starters.  the tshirt is one of my favorites from my brother.  too heavy in itself to run in, but with some adjustments...perfect.  cut off the neckline and the end of the sleeves.  the book recommended cutting off the bottom hem of the tshirt but i didn't.

 this is how it looked to this point.  i wasn't totally sure where i wanted to go with it so i tried it on periodically.

i turned the tshirt inside out and using some chalk and a straight edge of some foamboard, i made a margin 2 inches wide down the center and then horizontally made parallel lines about 1 inch apart (eyeballin it).  there should be an even amount of horizontal lines.

i then cut across each horizontal line being sure to NOT cut the 2 inch center margin from the very end of the back to end.

i then cut out the side of every other 1 inch strip starting with the first at the top.

in between each of these, i made a slit in every other 2 inch long margin down the center.

i took each cut out strip underneath itself and pulled it through the center slit.

pulling it all the way through the center slit and without twisting it i pinned it back to the side right where i had initially cut it from.

along each pinned down strip i then sewed by hand (not to perfection) whipstitches (illustrated below).  this took a little patience, about 20 minutes.  apparently, with tshirt upcycling, whipstitches are preferable for them as they allow a really nice stretch and pull.
(i failed to take a photo of this up close...and i can't stop coughing at the moment so it'll have to happen another time!!)

 (i'm sitting so this looks a little off kilter).

trying my best to fare at self photos while coughing!

well that's a wrap!  my hope is now that i'll try these sweet tshirt pillows out of band tshirts when we get back from korea and a couple other remakes of tshirts rather than having yet another box of tshirts i can't throw away, but also won't ever wear.  i think it'd be AWESOME to have some throw pillow made of your favorite band shirts...  my mom made an awesome tshirt quilt for both my brother and i when we graduated h.s.  tshirts just do that to you.  they keep memories alive really similarly to some photos...   

have you ever tried any tshirt remakes? 

also...if anyone would be interested in taking part in a group "try it out" i thought this tutorial looked sweet!  and then for those of us who have zero jewelry making experience it'd be a good simple starter:)  my goal is to make this by june 1 so if you make one be sure to let me know and send some photos my way!

be sure to modify it however you'd like!


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Randilyn said...

I'm going to try!!!

Linnea said...

I'm totally in! Maybe I'll come to Fargo and be on your crew for the race to cheer you on and feed you gummy bears!