Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Try it Tuesday: nevermind our planmaking - we'll start living!...and how to make a sweet, simple, to-do list.

So let's just admit it, for as much as I don't want to be all plan-y in life, roll with the punches, and make amazing...*stuff*...happen, I do need (especially right now) some massive organization otherwise I'm going to lose at this game!  I've been taking this sweet indie business course online and followed a super-easy "how-to" on organizing a very nicely visual organization.  

In the past 9 months I've started 3 "businesses"...some of which I wouldn't have called "business" until my taxes told me I needed to!  They are all going in all sorts of directions and I NEED HELP to organize!  I'm dreamt so long of having a massive sticky note on my wall (which, yes, I realize they sell - but spendy little suckers!) and so this idea was the next best - if not better! - thing!

It incorporates - 
posterboard (thicker)/scrap wood/anything you find flat and large enough
chalkboard paint
sticky notes
hot glue

World Peace (cat) enjoyed watching each step.  I used thick posterboard, but I will warn, it does "curl" a bit after a couple days from the amount of paint I used.  But I don't mind at the moment at least!  We have scrap wood, I just wanted something super lightweight for whatever reason.  The class actually just uses a wall to paint and do such organization on that.


I used a regular Purdy paintbrush (favorite brand) to paint and freezer paper to protect!
(I'm messy...and tend not to think ahead - thus why I sell Norwex, too!  Gets me out of a lot of trouble!).

After 2 coats, I let it dry for an hour (impatient).

Did I mention this is ridiculously easy and probably not worth a "tutorial"?!  Anyways, to measure my "table" I used the same amount of stickies to divide up the space as categories I wanted to organize into.

Used chalk and another posterboard to draw lines!

And chalked up wrote the categories I wanted to organize.  For me, this is "ash life" so I remember important things such as Monday night potluck, skype with K&K for Korea, etc., "Unglued '12," "mark.," "Norwex," and "Blog" (just 'cause I want to be a regular blogger the more I enjoy doing this!).  I'd imagine if I was planning a wedding, taking a class, even cleaning, crafting, etc. I'd add such things, too!

Because I was going for easy and materials I had (no buying for this!) I used a hot glue gone to make a back hanger and a piece of twine.

This went up on a nail near our kitchen.  Kind of tucked away and not an annoying-ruin-your-party place, but still where I notice and stop by to look near our kitchen.

I color-coded the stickies under each category.  I leave the stickies and a sharpie on top of our fridge so it continues to be accessible and easy-to-use!

The man who has to endure my endless lists and the chalkboard door in our kitchen we had leftover pain from! 

Best parts - I get to move the stickies around to prioritize and remove when thus said task is complete!  

But, always always remember, to cling to your plans more tightly than the ones you love will destroy you.  #1 - people come first.  But it's easy to make this excuse reversely and never get things done b/c you're BS'ing all the time;)  #2 - our plans need to allow for flexibility otherwise you'll crack under pressure. 

And as mewithoutYou sang 
"nevermind our planmaking, we'll start living!"

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Kristina said...

yay! We're on your to do list!!! ;D My list is growing with things to do! I hope we can make an awesome plan so you can fit all the ones you want to do into your trip!!! I can't wait for you guys to come!