Monday, April 25, 2011

i'm not ready for this, but it's not over yet.

Every time I read that story again
I wanna run and take the nails out
You remind me that those nails are mine
Once and for all to the end (Hebrews 9:26)
I’m not ready for this
I’m not ready yet
I’m not ready
For this ending
But it’s not over yet
I’ve been fighting against myself
And I’ve torn myself to pieces
I hear You calling, God, I hear You calling
“Stand up, stand up
And spend yourself for Jesus”
Cool Hand Luke - I'm Not Ready
Justin took this photo at the top at Hope's Easter service...totally beautiful!  

Cool Hand Luke is one of my go-to bands for putting life back in perspective when I get wrapped up in the mundane, get-this-done, this-is-all-there-is, you-are-alone-in-this kind of feeling.  I've been blasting this beauty of a song in my car and I get reminded that life is so much more than me.  Which I find incredibly comforting.  When I see the sunrise (finally!) in the morning as spring allows I remember that life is so much more than whatever is consumingly overwhelming my mind.  When I see the city lights reflecting at night in the rain off the street, I remember that it's not about me.

It's about love.  

And when life gets completely crazy and overwhelming...and things completely out of our control spiral...we only need to be still.

And I just need to share with you some sweet victories in the life of gardening!  I was given some perennials last year and so so so excitedly planted them.  This above one, specifically, I was sure I destroyed.  But see the beautiful pink buds?!  Totally honest, I have no idea what it is;)

And the tulip and daffodils bulbs I planted from *cringe* Walmart last fall - they're showing they're sweetness, too!


But by far, the sweetest victory is my little squirmy friends I found while weeding - my earthworms!!  Last year, there were NONE that I found while planting in our front yard area.  Just CLAY.  Blah.  But we added peat moss and compost from the city and BAM - earthworms loving on it!  

 With plans...running...well, let's just go with like What About Bob - it's all about BABY STEPS!  


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Piep Show said...

Do you want some lilies?

AshleyM said...

Deb that would be AWESOME! when?!