Friday, April 01, 2011

Fashion Friday: I was a Kaleidoscope

Fashion Friday time!  Booyah!
(seriously, seriously, trying to not talk about death and nursing too much...)

One of my very favorites trends the BELT, baby!!  Especially with layers...

(check out Sara Kiesling's super amazing blog for more beautiful photos and styles of some awesome models...and the photography may just blow your mind.)

In a Nylon article they mention the variety of ways to add a belt including " could pile the pencil skirts, giant silk blouses, semi-sheer scarves, and carved leather belts altogether in one jangled, jiving look - just like Aussie designers Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke did with their runway models today."  I've been using my ivory-colored belt from mark picture above as a wider option to use over layers and the cute mark pencil skirt - love it!

Just think of all the sweet belts you find at thrift stores that maybe wouldn't fit your lower waist, but could pretty easily rock your "real" waist or above!!  Pretty excited to find some at Dakota Boys Ranch on 13th in West Fargo:)
I mean, really, you've got some ribbon?  DO IT!  Have some fun!
Just a simple, affordable accessory to make any outfit sweet and not seem like you tried hard (because you didn't)!

Kind of nice to end the week on a light note!  Hope you have the most beautiful weekend and we'll catch ya on Monday again:)  If anyone has any really fun blogs you follow, you should let me know (inspiring, fashion-y, photo awesome, etc)...I'm trying to find some new ones to love!


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Kari said...

Hey, I see a couple of my Pinterests on here. :)

My main fashion blog reads are:
Adored Austin
Kendi Everyday

But mostly I just follow regular blogs of people I find interesting and look to see what they're wearing. :)

AshleyM said...

Pinterest has made finding awesome photos so awesome!! I'm glad you introduced me to it!

Jewell said...

I'm almost afraid to tell you my favorite fashion blogs. They're my little secrets (at least I like to think so) and I'm so weary when it comes to "fashion" in the first place. It seems like anything is considered fashionable as long as you have the preferred face and the body. I only trust fashion blogs that focus on art, quality, and warm fuzzies rather than on who's wearing what. When all the focus is on someones so-called attractiveness I know such a designer cares little about empowering me as a conventional woman - which I think fashion should be all about.