Thursday, April 07, 2011

my life is a cup of sugar i borrowed before time began and forgot to return.

"After years with a crown on my head
I've grown overfed, unconcerned, and comfortably numb
Kept busy indulging in the pleasures of the wealthy.
Oh, someone make me afraid of what I’ve become.
At the first sign of possible sorrow,
I turned my heels and ran.
Oh, I’ll never learn.
My life is a cup of sugar I borrowed before time began and forgot to return."

{{let me preface this with it's a lesson i've been recently relearning...and are so far from coming within reach of meeting head on...but just thought i'd share some thoughts!}}

it isn't hard to allow within the restless urge to exist in a life larger than yourself and what you've known for some time to, in turn, hand out the false sense of selfish safety to your heart that it's only about what you want. we weren't given eyes to be rationally ignorant of the very people who were placed within our grassy path and to look away when something hurts our delicate soul.

we were given sight and the ability to feel to not only dance around a moonlit sky dreaming our next dream, but to bring others with us who are broken and hurting.  there may at times be a line between inspiring other people with hope by the ideal we are setting by the way we live and going beyond to get our shoulders wet with tears and our knees smudged with dirt.  it's dangerous business walking out your front door because at some point you have to decide to care.  or passively allow vanity to guide your next move.

there's probably nothing more freeing than living beyond my little world.

[In my little world, in my sad little world, I patched a plaster wall
In my little world, I was waiting, just dying
to take offense at something.
In my little world, in my little world, in my sad little world
This is all there is in my little world.]