Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion Friday: Maxi Dress

"We cannot even TELL YOU how excited we are that the maxi dress is BACK for Spring 2011! This time around, the maxi dress is making it's grand entrance into the season with vibrant colors and bold prints, referencing yet again that 70's vibe we've seen come in style in a may-juh way this spring."  Regi and Luca blog

i would say when i've tried maxi dresses on before...i kind of felt like a hippie...which isn't bad, but sometimes just not what i'm going for;)

i've come to love this trend and find maxi dresses really can be versatile, romantic, and dressed down and up.


from Reggie and Luca fashion blog:  "The maxi is so easy and feminine, we cannot help make it our Spring staple. (Okay, call us lazy, but throwing on one item of clothing to make an outfit is pretty awesome). Its the best option when you're trying to beat the heat; its so comfy, yet it looks so put together. We love it with a great pair of t-strap flat sandals, a tote bag, and a long necklace for running around during the day (and it looks PERFECT with your favorite sunnies or straw fedora). For night- we love the maxi in combination with a wedge heel, chunky necklace, and lightweight cardi.

yeah, no joke, it really is one thrifty outfit if you think of it!  

relaxed, romantic, versatile.  Love it.  

and i thought i'd have to give up finding a maxi dress that fits my crazy hips...but mark. delivered with this "it's a long story" maxi dress made of 100% viscose.  100% viscose?  seriously, whatever this material is, it works!  thick so you don't see through + comes with a detachable halter, $34, and an ikea-style fabric.  = awesome.

love it?  hate it?  try it!  hope you have the most beautiful weekend despite whatever this sick weather is!  create something and find a new way to wear an old outfit.  upcycle;) see you monday!


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Piep Show said...

They are always so long...combine that with my non-existant legs and **ahem** chest that needs more than spaghetti straps and I am hosed...
Find a dress for me...and good luck :) I am so jealous of those who can wear Maxi very very jealous!! You would look like a million bucks in one!!