Friday, April 08, 2011

fashion friday...pencil skirts

Polyvore's blog gives some sweet hints for high waisted skirts...

"High waisted skirts do a great job of accentuating (or creating the illusion of!) an hourglass figure. If you're trying to create curves where there are none, we recommend a full skirt or an A-line. Just make sure to wear a form-fitting top, as a baggy shirt can make you look frumpy.

The simplest way to wear the trend is to take a plain white tank or t-shirt and tuck it in, then add colorful accessories."

Probably my favorite way of pulling together an outfit with a pencil skirt is dressing down:)

But what's even more sweet is MAKING your own!


What it is said in a few words, is this blogger found a thrift store dress she would never wear, and then cut it at the waist to make it awesome and high waisted and SKIRT!  May have to be a new project soon...

Or check out this sweet mark. "darling denim" high waisted it...

 Well, this is what we call a whirl wind of a week!  Hope yours was amazing and we'll see you Monday!

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Jewell said...

No baggy shirts? I love a little body in my tank tops, it looks great on my slender petite frame. I so what to go shopping today, but the act of shopping is just depressing. Suppose that's why I only by from gap, cause I know my size and don't have to do any guess work.

Your blog gives me an excuse to talk about fashion!