Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Friday: Braids...and a couple local crafters to go along!

braids have gotten a bunch of attention in the past few years...and it seems to be only an increasing trend in hairstyling!

 no longer do you have to feel like a sticky-cotton-candy-fingered-girl...

but there's beauty among the youthful hairstyle, too!

and my favorite kind of trends are the super incredible versatile ones...that you can really create into your own style...and this is one that will be here for awhile still!


i have a friend who makes fishtails look soooo easy...but i'm still figuring out...with some help thanks to this youtube video...

“To complement the casual-yet-chic designs, we wanted to do something that was strong and graphic, but still beautiful,” says Rodney Cutler.  “The fishtail braid is cool, understated and worked wonderfully with the clothes and makeup.  Plus, the great thing about the braid is that it’s so easy to re-create at home with minimal products and time.”

and even embellishments can be creatively used with braiding...

love the looseness...and kind of messy, which, when mixed with braiding remains classy in a way...

braids in updos are still tricky to me...but hoping to figure out some sweet ones before we go to Korea in 2 weeks!

"With 2011's hair trends dominated by hairstyles as opposed to particular cuts, it's should come as no surprise to see that braids remain on trend. In 2011, however, the begin to fuse with other popular hairstyles."   Kindrexleigh

there are some pretty awesome crafters making sweet embellishments for your hair to love...such as:

do you love braids?  which way so?  know any other local-ish crafters who make sweet hair pieces?  i need to get on this before we leave and thus make travel life way easier by not having to lug around anything hair related except a ponytail stretchy things (words...)...

have a most beautiful weekend ahead!  see you monday all you wonderful lovelies and friends!


sidenote:  justin swears that hope lutheran's good friday service tonight at 7pm at north campus will blow your mind...come join me? 

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