Wednesday, April 06, 2011

inspire me on hump day...and BLOG GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCED!

sometimes no day requires more motivation than wednesdays. 

This is a really sweet video with some practical ideas on staying inspired especially for any writers, crafters, friends who want to be inspired out there!

I really enjoy Gussy Sews blog.
She's living in Minneapolis and just has some great blogs on starting up a small business, awesome crafter friends, and just life:)  Those are the best!

The list of things I want to do and, more so, want to learn, just keeps getting longer.  My older stress lab patients mention that the desire to learn is what keeps some of them going.  The ones with the really flat affect and total void of personality who only regret have nothing they can list as "this is what I do for fun now."  They're just the "wow, everything sucks now" kind of persons.  The whole point of learning after the top of my head in this to live the heck out of this life and discover all that we have been given within it.  No more excuses!

These are things that are going to happen.  
--Learn the bass so I can fulfill Justin's dream of having a bass/drum wife/husband trio.  And be a rockstar (check off fulfill my lifelong dream).  Man, the bass is so sexual.  Yeow!
--Garden a sweet ass garden of both veggies and flowers that I don't give crazy diseases and aphids to.
--Learn a specific handmade craft better.  Like hoop art possibly as a lot of thrift stores supplies can be used versatile-y with it.  And I can carry it around with me unlike a sewing machine.  Not worry about selling it, but rather making a craft I like enough to give as sweet gifts!
--Write a business plan so I am a couple steps closer to not being a nurse someday and have a creative business.
--Rock photography.  Use my Pentax again.  And thus create beautiful travel photos.  Those memories are some of the best and having a f-bombing awesome photo of them are beyond priceless.  Try to not buy a new lens yet... 

Out of your hopefully growing list of things you want to do...or to become excellent at, maybe pick some things you'll intentionally work on this spring...and, you know, do them;)  Stay up a little later.  Spend a little less time on facebook.  Definitely don't read this blog less.  Eeek!  And don't nap until you DO something!  Sleeping is for when you're dead, right (why, thank you Caribou Coffee)?  Feel free to disagree;)  But I bet you could spend less time on netflix and facebook to do something you've been putting off.  (sometimes you just need to watch Anchorman, though.  seriously).

I really hope I'm not meant to be a nurse forever *just* to learn major life lessons from patients.  Maybe I should start hanging out with my grandparents more instead.


"summer is going to be awesome" BLOG GIVEAWAY WINNER ANNOUNCED!
(watch video's pretty...mmm...i had a lot of fun!)

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Kristina said...

haha your video was defiently awesome... :D :D :D

Linnea said...

That was blow my mind amazing! I can't wait to see you Friday for mark. awesomeness.