Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion Friday: Fedoras!

oh fedoras!  you've been around a couple years now...but i think people are finally warming up to you around here:)

this spring fedoras continue to be a top trend as was evidenced by the vast amount of celebrities and us regular folk at coachella music festival this past year!  above is Ashley Greene, mark's ambassador, in a mark fedora (check this one out that she's wearing at my mark eboutique - has 3 changeable ribbons!) at coachella...

also representing the fedora at coachella:

 (love this whole so so happy that flowy, long skirts are back!
and when i say back, even if you are totally not down with "trends" at least it = more available!)

from another fashion blog: "They {fedoras} are beautiful and seems that they can transform anyone into a confident Parisian at heart! (Fun fact: The Fedora hat is apparently named after a woman in a French play called, "Fédora" written by Victorien Sardou in 1882)."


and from Fashion Urbia "The fedora has that classic look that sits well on the head of a well polished and tailored fashion forward person. Today the fedora continues that tradition along with a  new twist of being fun and airy."

once again, for me, versatility is key!  and love how it adds the whimsical, free-spirited feel to an outfit...

and...indeed...a few summers ago i actually found a fedora to only to start wearing it again!

well this weekend is going to be completely nuts!  hope yours is BEAUTIFUL.   catch you on Monday!


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elisabeth said...

i recently bought a fedora & it's the best purchase i've made in a while!
yay to fedoras!