Thursday, April 28, 2011

procrastination...don't even try and find a line this time, it's fine.

you know that thing you have to do...that you remember at odd times of the day...that maybe you've been meaning to get done the past 6 months even, because there's no true deadline for it?

the kind of thing like renewing your passport or driver's license...making someone a gift...closing a bank account you don't need...canceling a credit card...renewing a subscription...

the majority of the to-do things that sit in the back of our minds to remind us that we once again forgot to do it when we had free time won't stop the world if you continue to procrastinate it...and may never affect anyone really.  

but.  you.  constantly.  get reminded.  that you will forget again.  so your mind keeps reminding you when you drive past target...or the bank...


make a small list of those few things that you keep waiting to do and give yourself a deadline of tonight or tomorrow and DO IT.  that nagging reminder will finally go away.

{you will feel so free}

i waited to renew my passport after getting married until a couple weeks before we went to iceland.  it cost like an extra $200 to expedite it.  

so yesterday i was on a mission to get things done.  nothing that HAD to be done, but that i keep thinking about randomly.  i found a house key and made copies.  i picked up dog poop.  i brought recyclables in.

today i am going to finish making my mom's running CD (this has been waiting for a YEAR to do!!).

just. do.  it.


2 comments (+add yours?)

Kari said...

I finally got around to getting life insurance today. :) It's been on my to-do list since the Cheapskates class. Oh, and last night I got out my needle and thread and fixed the stack of clothes that needed to be fixing. I had a couple tanks from last summer that I hadn't gotten around to still. I feel MUCH better! Still have a zillion things to do though (one of which is getting a passport also).

crazyhorse said...

Ahhh, thank you for this! :) I always seem to remember things when I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep! Which ends up taking forever because I just keep thinking about more and more things to do! Grrrr. I'm gonna do them NOW!