Friday, July 01, 2011

Fashion Friday: Animal Bling + BLOG GIVEAWAY!

So they're labeled "the ultimate conversation piece" by celebrity jewelry stylist, Michael O'Connor, who also reports "animal motifs are making a huge impact this year," in Life and Style Weekly.

(owl earrings)

(all above from Dainty Squid)


Animal accessories are such sweet, fun pieces to add to any outfit - dressed up or down.  Etsy has quite the masses of fawn, owl, and bird jewelry and accessories to keep you drooling over the handmade!

(both above from modcloth)

"At the forefront are the diverse and eclectic pieces  depicting owls. Earthy yet opulent, regal and astute. We love their features – big, contemplative  eyes, and the range of different feathers, from brown to snowy white. Add this piece to your fashion  findings and it's sure to be a hit. Collectible pieces like these can even go up in value over the years.  So be sure to take good care of your feathered friend and keep on hunting for those fun fashion jewelry hits," wrote Roseart Gallery on ebay's trend guide.
Loving that you can find these all the way from vintage, antique, thrift, Forever 21 to etsy shops...and they'll be around for awhile...

Whether you dress it up or down, your fashion becomes more playful and carefree with animal bling!

 (she wins with her owl rings on one side and a deer ring on the other!)

So let's just go for it and set up a sweet middle-of-summer blog giveaway!  

The winner will be chosen at random by next Tuesday night and will receive both of these sweet summer items - the mark animal attraction ring and aviators!!

To enter, there's 2 ways to win - "follow" my blog on your google reader or sign up on the right side to "follow by email" and be sure to comment below if you do so it's not missed.  If you already follow this blog or say to heck with following blogs...or just want another entry in the bucket...leave a comment about your favorite summer fashion! 

Have a beautiful, sweet 4th of July weekend!

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Kari said...

Hey, I already follow you! :) I need new sunglasses.

Kari said...

My favorite summer fashion... This year, I am kind of obsessed with those colored shorts they have at Target. I am loving them!

kristakayklein said...

I love love love this blog... but most of all love YOU miss Ashley! Keep being original and awesome and keep inspiring others to do the same! You rock! <3 xoxoxo

kristakayklein said...

Oh... my favorite summer fashion... my Sanuks!! I love them and even got Jon to get an awesome pair for himself! Oh yeah!

Lindsey P said...

I follow you now! I'm loving the animal stuff right now. I keep getting drawn to peacock stuff myself!