Friday, July 08, 2011

Fashion Friday: Ruffles!

Real Simple calls it the most wearable trend and

"Soft frills on dresses, shoes, bags, and more are utterly, gorgeously feminine. "

This above photo is one I took in Paris, France way the heck back in 2004.  It's been one of my most favorite fashion styles I've seen when traveling.  I love the jackets, tights, converse high tops...but especially the ruffled skirt!

"The ruffle trend is here to stay in a more powerful flirtatious way. This trend, which is simply made by cinched material, is adding a lot of spunk to clothing and accessories. I have always liked this reoccurring trend because of how easily it transforms a white crisp shirt to a powerful, fashionable shirt with attitude. With variations ranging from small to big ruffles, there is a ruffle piece for everybody!"  wrote Kim Moshtaghi from Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle.

The sweet part is that ruffles can look completely awesome on any body shape.  Hint towards your smaller half with where you add your ruffles to be a a total compliment to your look!  They are so forgiving, lightly romantic, and sweetly fun...

A New Mode wrote about flirty ruffles, "The most important thing to remember with this style is to make it work for you! If you can pull off sweet and girly, then take that motif and run with it. If, like me, you lean more towards edgy styles, then incorporate some edgy embellishments- a leather cuff, an androgynous blazer, killer pumps, to toughen it up a bit. So how will you know what works for you? Well there’s this little thing called gut instinct which will always guide you."

The best part is all the DIY you can do to pretty up a cardigan, tank, or tshirt!  Check these out (click on photo to follow to tutorials)!

So go for it!  DIY some sweet ruffles...or go find some amazing deals at Forever 21!  

Can you believe it's the flippin' weekend already!  Let's have some fun!  See you Monday!


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I like ruffles because they accent things that sometimes I need help accenting...:-) This is also the reason I dislike ruffles at times but the truth remains. Ruffles take a little bit of guts!