Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Friday: Cameos

I am totally loving cameos.  So much so that I splurged for the first time in a long time at an antique store in Detroit Lakes (SuLaine's off hwy 10) on a tiny little necklace and pair of earrings with black and white cameos.  Here's the sweet selection the shop had:

Emerson College Fashion Society wrote on cameos that they are "Something delicate, something girly; something ultra girly, transported from the Victorian era."

The history of the cameo's that the college group documented was "Flash forward to the 1850s. In the midst of Queen Victoria’s reign, cameo-adorned jewelry skyrocketed in popularity with endorsement by the Queen herself.  She “favored” the dainty thing, wearing a variety of them as brooches and necklaces dangling from velvet ribbon, according to"

"...Since the impoverished little Londoners wanted to be pretty like the Queen, jewelers began to make cameos out of shell and other inexpensive items. They also made more expensive ones with precious stones for the wealthy socialites and such. The silhouettes were hand-carved with images of beautiful women with flawless Roman features..."

Cameo's add a mix of softness...and make any outfit more intricate and detailed.  Beautiful.

One of our crafters from Unglued, Lefthanded Originals, has such pretty cameo necklaces that I've been loving since they caught my eye at Craftstraganza in St. Paul...

From vintage and finding a delicate mix of cameo's at Forever 21...they're an awesome accessory for dressing up or down...

Did you know, too, that you could just make your own cameos?
Cheers to a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday!