Monday, March 21, 2011

today i will be happier than a bird with a french fry.

And so the journey fires off! I've always waited for crazy restless gut feelings to propel me to write something that would remain on a blog post and put my soul at ease. But I'm finding that there's a lot of life I want to share that isn't related to my only blog labels of the past - death, love and nursing. Ugh. Yes, Rus, agreed. Love is so abysmal;) I've been pretty melodramatic, to say the least.

But. My life is pretty scattered. The past 2 years have a
mounted to me wanting to be a farmer. A master gardener. A craftster. An overseas dweller. An entrepreneur. A designer. A bass player. A rock singer. A quit-your-day-jobber. A blogger. A writer. A photographer. A runner. Etc.

And, yet, I still work the 9-5. As a nurse. (Raise your hand if you're already heard that I don't want to be a nurse).

There's just a few confessions I have to clear up before I attempt any
consistency in blogging.

I kind of really enjoy top 40 music. (ouch).

I am terrified to have children someday.

And, yes, I do hate myself sometimes for it, but I still like Starbucks better than anything. Horrible, I know.

I can honestly say I really enjoy living in Fargo.

I really would like to buy this monst
er someday.
(this, I consider awesome. and just had to throw in there).

And I seriously want to put a bird on it.

So now that all false pretenses are out in the open. I think we can start a real blog now...
(wait wait...I watch Victoria's Secret youtube videos to get motivated to take on the world and I put my gracious hubby and I in a lot of debt last year). Phew.

There's this nagging, relentless voice out there, even as I approach my later 20's, that calls to attention the unrealistic need to be perfection whether a hipster, trendster, momster - the coolest indie person turning 30...seriously.

And I'm just me and I think we could learn a a lot together

Let's go for the inspiring...learning...creating...and loving (the abyss!).this was a great day.


4 comments (+add yours?)

Kari said...

I'm glad you are writing, and I think you should do it more often. :)

I read the "xoxo ashley" in the Gossip Girl voice "xoxo Gossip Girl."

I think we should hang out more.

Linnea said...

My blog is at the TOP? I think that means I should actually blog once in awhile. Haha. I am super pumped you are blogging again. You are the loveliest of inspirations! I praise God for you.

Laura Mae said...

This brings me joy. I'm gonna try to get better at blogging too... considering I'm leaving soon :(

seekbeauty said...

YES! We should all blog more...esp as we start to move everywhere!! And yes, we should hang out more Kari!!