Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i never said i was brave...

Spent the evening in the ER with an amazing 86-year-old lady tonight.  

She leaves for Prague in May.  Just another adventure!  And a crazy addition to her tale.

You know, really, regardless of circumstances and things you feel have been aimed endlessly at you to make you fail, hurt, lose, cry, give up, hate, and drink that really wonderful, ice cold rum and coke you still are choosing the rest.

It's this one flippin' life you have!!  And oh the multitudes of excuses we many legitimate excuses we conjure much I still will pacify my mind with why I can't do it...excuses are getting old.

...But the cure for pain is in the pain (mewithoutYou).  Grandpa P drilled into me "mind over matter." Poking his finger into his temple looking at me dead on in the eye "mind over matter."  Running, with the pain creeping up my legs and so much more to run, "mind over matter." 

Don't tell me it's too late for you..."mind over matter."

"you were wild once. don't let them tame you." isadora duncan