Friday, March 25, 2011

Happiness Hit Her Like a Train on a Track...

Fashionable Friday

We've got to keep things lively here...and now to present Fashion Friday!  Over the past maybe 6 months I've gotten wrapped up in a company called mark (this should be another disclaimer!).  I wouldn't have considered myself a fashion guru...or anything close...but since becoming a mark rep I've gotten an inkling of a growing interest and fancy for it all!  

So once a week, bear with me and enjoy some pretty things!  Pink, lace, ruffles, and feminine are my most fancied things right now.  The best part is the DIY and craft part, however.  

One of our Unglued amazing crafters was This Earthly Tent.  Loved the lace, daintiness of it all!
Also loving the minty green nail polish and ruffles...  mark is coming out with a combo bright red/mint green nail polish and it's going to be sah-weet and they have this fantastic ruffled tank, too, now online!
Check out my mark store sometime.  After going to NYC with them it's kind of awesome how on trend they stay.

So, signing out for the weekend...hope yours is completely beautiful and amazing!  See you Monday you lovelies!