Thursday, August 04, 2011

Inspiration Workshop Installment #10: A Day In Your Life.

The prompt for Gussy Sew's Inspiration Workshop this week is A Day In Your here's some quick photos of what a day typically looks like over on this end of the world - mind you, this is not my "ideal" day...just a normal one!

I wake up to this face usually first each morning.
 {photo by my good friend Kari}

And then I get to see this sexy face (hope you're enjoying this step-by-step).  ;)

And then I become all magical and glowy and put on my nurse hat. 

 But, really, my 8 hours each day looks more realistically like below.  Cardiac stress testing and a few other cardiac-related procedures.  And I really have the best coworkers ever.  I don't want to be a nobody's business...but having this awesome group of people to work with makes ALL the difference!

I then come home, thinking I'll do a million things, but the one thing I try most to do is keep working on a business plan, craft fest plans, financial plans, and plans for not being a nurse. I'm to the point where I've been dreaming for so long that I'll start punching myself in the face for not taking more action.
 {photo credit...the amazing Red Velvet store}

And I remind myself of this when it comes to the most recent number-crunching that's involved...

At some point I end up with this guy on my lap.  This either leads to falling asleep or pushing forward to create!

And I usually don't finish anything...but it's fun to try!  After starting this blog up again, I have this crazy inspiration to actually take time to make things and it's sooo totally freeing!  (ie. are you thinking about blogging more?  DO IT).

The sweetest ending to the day is a random weekday night when we still take time to go out with our awesome city friends!  {Especially on Fargo rooftops!}...

If this doesn't happen, then this will while we watch 30 Rock:

And each night, I regret not going to bed before midnight once again, not having woken up early enough to work out, not have cleaned up enough, and get all restless and wish we didn't own a house...but couldn't ask for anything more when I get to fall asleep next to my love and my dream.


Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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Sarah B. said...

It's so hard when there's not enough time in the day to do everything you want to do! I hope you get into a more satisfying career soon!

crazyhorse said...

This post cracked me up for a few reasons.
1. You see Hammy's face in the morning before you see Justin's!? I don't know why, but that seems hilarious to me.
2. I love your glowy nurse transformation :) That pic is awesome. :)


kris {life at the table} said...

your dog: adorable! and somehow, i see our dogs faces before i see my husband's too...

Kari said...

I usually see Milo's face before Ben's in the morning too. :) He comes and jumps up to get his morning snuggles in before I crawl out of bed. Then I see Ben, and then Jasper. lol. I love my boys.

I'm working on doing this right now. I've been attempting to take photos all day to document.

Lindsay said...

I love your dog! My dog's face is also the first thing I see when I get up in the morning. :)

Erika said...

What a doll! My parents love English Bull Dogs and I can see why with this cute mug:)

Anonymous said...

Gavin and I love your "glowy" nurse transformation =D bahaha! maybe nursing would be more magical if you got to wear the little hat??